Themes - Snow & Ice

Alpine Snow
From £9.50

Flame retardant artificial snow in big 1kg bags, great used with our snow materials for a more realistic effect

Glittered Snowflakes
From £15.00

These polyfoam snowflakes are covered in chopped tinsel glitter which really catch the light and sparkle

Snow Effect Spray
From £9.50

Artificial snow spray for windows, mirrors, foliage and winter scenes

Icicles - Iridescent
From £9.50

These clear swirled icicles with an iridescent pearl finish look beautiful on trees and garlands

Silver Icicles
From £8.00

Metallic silver twisted icicles with a white glittered top, they look beautiful on trees and garlands

Icicle Panel
From £9.50

Hang these soft polyester icicle panels, with iridescent glitter, around perimeters and across windows

Snow Material
From £5.50

This thick flame retardant snow blanket is great for creating snow scenes

Soft Snow Material
From £15.00

Extra thick soft artificial snow, ideal for draping and creating snowdrifts

Iridescent Glitter Snowflake
From £7.95

These white styrofoam snowflakes have a sparkly dusting of iridescent glitter

Glittered Papier-mache Snowflake
From £26.50

These big white papier-mache snowflakes are covered in fine clear glitter and really sparkle

Snowy Twig Tree
From £9.75

These imitation trees with bendable bare twiggy branches have a generous dusting of snow

Giant Cut Out Snowflake
From £33.00

These giant white glittered foamboard snowflakes are shipped flat, they are made in three pices strung together so that they rotate around the centre