Create a spooky Halloween display

The Woman in Black...

After recently watching The Woman in Black for the third time, it still gave me tingles down my spine and chilled me to the bone.

The eerie and dishevelled back drop of Eel Marsh House became a source of inspiration when creating the Halloween display within the showroom.

The cobble effect fabric used for the floor in the display recreates the walkway to the haunted house, coupled with ivy it recreates the look and feel of the windswept and overgrown

A beady-eyed black crow adds to the look and reminds me of the sound effects synomonous with the grounds of the house.

Glittered spiders cascading down the web add flow and continuity from one aspect of the display to another.

Cobweb spray adds some final detailing to give the display a realistic edge.

The finished display not only encapsulates the DZD brand but plays on elements of one of the most chilling and haunting films to grace our screens.
A truly TERRIFYING halloween display.