Sonya Storm - Creative Director, DZD

With Christmas just around the corner, life at DZD is getting rather busy. We tempted our Creative Director, Sonya Storm, with a cup of tea and managed to grab 5 minutes in the middle of another frantic festive day to find out a little more about her role at DZD...

Sonya Storm - Creative Director, DZD

How long have you been with DZD?
17 fun packed years!

Describe a ‘typical day in the life of Sonya in no more than 10 words?
There’s no such thing. Each day is so very different. I can be working on a bespoke design plan in the morning and helping pull together our latest catalogue in the afternoon.

During your time at DZD – what’s the biggest change or shift you’ve noticed in your market/sector?
Budget restrictions have had a huge effect on the Display and Visual Merchandising sector, including the scaling down of instore teams with the loss of some great creative talent. We’re having to think outside the box to help create impactful displays within tighter confines.

What’s your visual merchandising top tip for the next 12 months?
The UK leads the way when it comes to creativity and style. The rest of the world is watching us. For the next year, the UK industry needs to dare to be different, set a trend and not follow the crowd. I can see retailers bringing more ‘theatre’ to our High Streets. My top tip - banish the banners and bring back props!

What’s the best thing about working in central London?
Location, location, location. Close proximity to exhibitions, popups and museums, all great places for inspiration. Plus, many of our customers are located within travelling distance, ideal for visits to the showroom.

Can you teach creativity when it comes to shop design and layout?
You can teach the technicalities but true flair must come from within…

Have you always been creative? Are you creative outside of work?
I love music and partial to a spot of landscape photography.

What's your favourite season when it comes to visual merchandising products and design?
Spring and Christmas. Spring because it’s so fresh and colourful and full of promise of the year to follow. But, Christmas is my absolute favourite as we get to see our clients at their very best! The creativity shown in the design of window schemes and interior decoration is a sight to behold. I love walking around when the sky is dark and the windows are sparkling with lights and treasures.

If you had to choose, what's your 'musthave' item from the DZD range?
An open tail peacock. Every home should have one.

Why is visual merchandising important for shops and how do you stand out from the crowd?
Visual Merchandising is vital, not only for attracting potential customers but a powerful way to add strength to your brand. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be bold, be brave and be different. Engage the most creative minds, source the most diverse props, print the most memorable tag lines set trends, don’t follow!

Quickfire questions:

  1. Last book you read? Fairground art by Geoff Weedon.
  2. Last film you saw? Crimson Peak
  3. Last place you flew to? Back to London, from Hong Kong
  4. Tea or coffee? Tea. Dash of milk, no sugar. Mug, not cup.
  5. iPhone or Galaxy? iPhone
  6. Cinema or restaurant? Both please. Preferably in one evening. I love a late night showing.
  7. Cadbury's or Bournville? Neither. Salted caramel popcorn please!
  8. Sunny beach or snowy mountain? Beach.

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