Canine Christmas!

Here at DZD we’re dog lovers and our four legged friends are not just pets but part of the family.

Getting your pets involved in the Christmas festivities just makes it all the more fun so here’s some ideas on how to do so…


Sourdough Christmas Ornaments…

These Christmas decs are a brilliant addition to the tree and a great keepsake for the family too. 

Paint and glitter to your colour scheme and you’re good to go so why not try it for yourselves and follow the recipe in the link below!

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Dog Christmas Cookies…

These recipes for dog friendly Christmas cookies make for perfect gifts for dog owners, cutting them in various shapes (as seen below) and putting them in a box or decorative bag will complete the present, not to mention making your pooches very happy!

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Sausage dog cookie cutter!

Find the recipes at 


Dog Coats and Jackets…

Dogs get cold too! So when taking them for long walks over the festive period why not treat them a new coat or simply make one yourself! Just pick a fabric and follow this step by step guide!

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So there you have it, there’s plenty of ways you can include your pets this Christmas and DZD can be your helping hand so why not give us a visit and get your creativity flowing! 

Only 4 weeks to go!