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**Inspiration Post**

Here at DZD we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, and it seems that Galleries Lafayette is on our wave length. 

Galleries Lafayette have now dedicated a space within their Paris store called 'Galerie des Galeries' to display temporary exhibitions. One of their most recent collections 'All Over' which were curated by art critic Samuel Gross consists of vertical shapes/lines.

(Images courtesy of Retail Design World:


'Linear' is our concurrent theme for 2016, running through all our displays in the showroom, as it is widely known within the VM industry that these shapes, whatever the colour or texture demand attention.

We're using a multitude of products to create out Linear patterns; Ribbons, Lights, FabricBoxes and much more.

So why not follow in our footsteps and go vertical!

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Love DZD x