**Showroom Update**

Our brand new Bauble installation is up and it's our biggest and best by far!

Creating innovative and dynamic displays is at the heart of our company. Here at DZD we have created an amazing new bauble installation as the focal point of the showroom.

The initial brief was to design a display that was to wow our customers and entice them to move in and around the feature; however it was to include every bauble in every colour, size and finish.

After brainstorming ideas it appeared that movement, or the appearance of movement would be key to the success of this display.

The initial shape was inspired by the waves, denoting free flowing movement and sculptural lines.

The next challenge was to ensure that the product would fit into the space in the desired shape with ease and fluidity…



Lots more brainstorming and we finally decided on a graduated technique from large to small, following the colour run of the new catalogue. Not only did this fit within the shape but it also offered a seamless transition for customers shopping from the catalogue in the showroom, making it easier for them to purchase our products.


The full colour scale drawing and finished result are almost identical and the effect is magical. The bold flowing lines caress the showroom walls creating the illusion of a wave. Display success!

Why not visit our showroom to feel the full effect for yourselves, or shop for the baubles you love on our website,

Love DZD x