DZD Scariest Films!

Find all the teams favourites inside...

In the countdown to Halloween the team at DZD are getting into the spooky spirit...

We've all been talking about our most favourite scary films and have nominated one each to share with you all...



Cathie (Finance Director) - The Shining. 

Marc (Head of Design) - Cloverfield.

Verity (Senior Bespoke Account Manager) - The Excorsist. 

Jamie (Warehouse Manager) - A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Sophie (Showroom Manager) - The Saw Films.

Roz (Sales Manager) - The Birds.

Laura Q (Bespoke Account Manager) - The Others.

Dominica (Bespoke Account Manager) - The Brood.

Darcie (Showroom Assistant) - Hide and Seek.  

Lucy (Sales Team) - Creep.

Rhys (Sales Team) - The Descent. 

Mitesh (Sales Team) - The Cube.

Laura Z (Accounts Assistant) - The Hills have Eyes.


So there you have it, a little insight into some of our team and what makes us tick!

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Love DZD x