Only 36 days to go!

How to dress LARGE spaces...

Here at DZD we've got products to fill all your display needs. Whether your space is large or small we've got it covered.

But with only 36 days to go, we've put together just a few ideas to get you inspired on how to dress a large space.

1. Superior Pine Trees!

These trees demand attention. Their grand and structured shape is what makes them so popular as they just exude eccentricity! They would look perfect next to any grand staircase (should you be lucky enough to have one) or in any hotel foyer.


2. Box Tree!

This is an idea that can be interpreted for any scale. We've used our big box sets, offset by a few small ones to create a towering display. Adding lights and baubles accentuates and defines its shape whilst giving it that extra sparkle.


3. Baubles!

Last but by no means least, our baubles! Who said they only belong on trees! So we've created a giant wave! This is sure to catch people's attention as we've used 1 of every size and finish in this display; a feast for the eyes!     


For more Festive ideas please visit our website at or pop down to our showroom for all you Christmas needs! And keep up to date with all the latest news from DZD follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Love DZD x