Bridal Trends 2017

Look inside for some inspiration for your pending nuptials...

Now that we're looking forward to spring/ summer we've started to plan some new displays for the showroom and the first is going to be our Bridal display!  So now that we're underway making plans we've decided to share with you our Bridal trends for 2017!

A Splash of Colour: Gone are the days of all white weddings... Whilst neutral colour palettes with subtle greys and creams remain, many brides want to inject some colour into their schemes. Ribbons and flowers in bold tones are key to this trend. 


Look Up: In order to add some diversity to your decor try adding features at various heights. Not only does this add dimension but it will allow you to use the space more effectively.  By using low hanging chandeliers and candelabras you can create a unique centrepiece your guests will love.


Botanical: Green, green and more green...Using more greenery and less flowers is becoming an increasing trend. Small potted plants and cactus's take pride of place evoking a natural and earthy vibe. 

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Love DZD x