DZD's favourite LOVE films

Find all the teams favourites inside...

In the countdown to Valentine's day the team at DZD are getting into the Loving spirit...

We've all been talking about our most favourite Romantic films and have nominated one each to share with you all...

Marc (Head of Design) -  Brief Encounter 

Verity (Senior Bespoke Account Manager) - Ghost

Jamie (Warehouse Manager) -  Dirty Dancing 

Sophie (Showroom Manager) -  The Fault in our Stars 

Roz (Sales Manager) -  Brief Encounter (That's twice now, must be good...)

Laura Q (Bespoke Account Manager) -  The Notebook

Dominica (Bespoke Account Manager) -  La La Land

Darcie (Showroom Assistant) - Serendipity 

Sarah (Buyer) - Crazy Stupid Love

Rhys (Sales Team) -  Love Actually 

Mitesh (Sales Team) - Suicide Squad (The Joker & Harley Quinn) 

So there you have it, a little insight into some of our team and what makes us tick!

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Love DZD x