London Design Week 2017

At the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour...

London Design Week 2017 is taking place at The Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour from the 12th - 17th March. The Science of Design, Unlock the Secrets of Design’s DNA, is unmissable event for designers, architects and style seekers alike. Overflowing with creative design ideas and new perspectives, the design show is a way to see creative innovation up close.

There are over 120 exhibitors and more than 100 events taking place here ranging from demonstrations, seminars, talks, guided tours and even competitions. The event holds plenty of opportunities to connect, converse and create with likeminded people, with a free coffee voucher, Jelly Beans and chances to win your dream designs, it’s worth a visit.

With 3 domes all home to various showrooms and interior design companies, the space is very open and welcoming to walk around. In the South and North Dome there is an aerial installation with black shoals of fish and leafy sea dragons designed by landscaper Jinny Blom, and in the Centre Dome is a new installation called Newtons Cradle by alchemist Larry Walshe. 

Newtons cradle is demonstrating Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law, where the swing of a suspended metal ball shows that every action, has an equal and opposite reaction. Larry Walshe has merged the law of physics with botany and zoology. There are five 1.5m Perspex spheres, filled with items ranging from flowers, butterflies, beetles and a skull, all handmade from colourful wallcoverings. The greenery features eucalyptus, asparagus and various grasses. An eclectic view from every angle.

Another installation by Larry Walshe Floral Design is Tiger, Tiger – Salazar the Siberian Tiger. Crafted, flocked and painted by skilled artisans, he shows a stylish exploration of science in design. Mixed greenery connects the sculpture with other botany inspired designs around the centre.



Giant terrariums adorn both sides of the Tatler Restaurant. Filled with plants and flowers, they are heavily on trend and mix with the 'science of design' feel and taking creative cues from a traditonal chemistry lab.

George Spencer Designs takes on a coral themed structure covered in fabric trimmings. Really showcasing what they have to offer in terms of design and sales.

London Design Week at Chelsea Harbour finsihes on the 17th March so get there while you can!!

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