DZD Chrome!

Take a look at our latest Christmas trend to appear in the DZD showroom...


Here at DZD we are working hard turning our inspiring trends into real life installations. Our Chrome story is the latest display to appear in the showroom and demonstrates how monochrome can be just as effective as any other colour trend.

Using a mixture of greenery from our Prima range with our Upside down range we have created a modern and dynamic layout as the trees form a geometric pattern centred around a glistening tree. 





This acts as a focal point within the display and sets the scene for the customer. We've used fans, large gems, baubles, disco balls, scratch metal, stars, gift boxes and tassels to complete this look all in varying shades and finishes of silver and have used flat backed gems to accent and outline.



For the Upside down tree we wanted to create something extra special... We wanted to have it dripping with silver. To achieve this look we used our icicle lights to create a cascading effect, in addition to this we have also added some texture and dimension with our silk yarn tassels diamond garlands at various heights and depths on the tree.

This is one of our favourite trends for 2017 and we hope you think so too!

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