Traditional Filament Lights

Traditional Filament Lights

Highly popular filament lights in a variety of colours and styles

For a long time, filament bulb lighting was the only option available to us, but as LED lights have developed and improved in recent years production has now ceased on filament bulb lights – a decision made with both the economic and ecological benefits in mind.

At DZD, we still have a variety of our very popular filament bulb ranges available – from traditional fairly lights to outdoor festoon-style lights – for a limited time only while stocks last. Take a look today to see if your display could be completed with the addition of traditional filament lights.

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  • Traditional Filament Micro Lights

    Traditional Filament Micro Fairy Lights

    From: £14.16 ex VAT
  • Traditional Filament Fairy Lights

    Traditional Fairy Lights with Classic Multi Colour Filament Bulbs

    From: £14.99 ex VAT