Do you like what you sea?

We take a look at our nautical display range as we move into summer 2019…

It might have been a long time coming this year, but it seems as though summer really is just around the corner now and at DZD we’ve spent the last few weeks busy supplying gorgeous summer display items to complete your seasonal installations. Feeling inspired by your choices, we’ve collected together some of our favourite nautical-themed pieces in this blog…

Our coloured buoys make a great feature piece for a summer display. Available in 4 colours and various different sizes, these gorgeous glass and rope replica buoys are perfect for bringing a little salty spirit to an installation, while remaining delicate and visually pleasing.

If you’re looking for something a little more authentically reminiscent of the seaside, we’ve got a variety of realistic artificial fish and intricate fishing nets in navy and – new for 2019 – a really lovely sun-bleached light blue. From shop windows to themed venue dressing, our fishing nets, with their large coverage, are a low maintenance way to immediately evoke the marine feel you’re looking for.

One of our favourite items for this summer is our traditional woven lobster pot. Now available in 3 different sizes, from 23cm to 46cm, these are perfect for use with our lifelike replica crabs and lobsters, instantly creating memorable displays.

In addition to these products, we’re also very happy to have available a variety of wooden beach themed items – ideal for larger displays or showcasing specific products. Items like our rope ladder with natural wooden rungs, distressed ships wheel or life-size painted paddle with hooks, are certainly attractive enough to be used as focal installation pieces in their own right or can be used in the background to ensure your products – the real stars of the show – are shown in the best possible light.

Whether used individually or as part of a collective display – as you can see from the above picture – our products can help you create a summer display you can be proud of. Contact the team anytime to find out more.