What is visual merchandising?

We explore the power of retail displays this Christmas season

What’s in a name window? If there’s one thing that should never be underestimated within the world of retail, it’s the power of visual merchandising – and it’s never quite as vital than at this time of year.

While we know many of our customers are very familiar with the concept, we still frequently hear questions regarding the functions and importance of design and creativity in retail marketing.

So today we’re talking it back to basics!…

Visual merchandising, in its most fundamental form, is intended to pique interest, to reach into our busy lives as we dash from one appointment to the next and grab our attention.

It sells us an idea, a glimpse into a life we’d love to be living.

Visual merchandising is by no means a modern concept, dating back to the mid-1800s, attributed first to Chicago-based department store Marshall Field’s – an early incarnation of the American retail giant Macy’s.

It was absolutely vital at that time, when sales relied solely on word of mouth or people passing by the store; but it’s no less important today, in our modern age of online shopping and viral marketing campaigns. Through the use of colour, eye-catching focal points and displays that tell a relatable story effective use of visual merchandising not only turns the head of the idle shopper but it establishes and reinforces brand identity.

For retailers, visually identifiable branding is imperative. In the same way that aqua blue packaging with white ribbon will only ever be identified with a certain jeweller, or two yellow arches a particular fast-food chain, a strong visual campaign can help businesses stand out within an oversaturated marketplace. Visual merchandising is universally applicable; from international fashion houses to independent boutiques, the value of a strong window display is undeniable.

Christmas window displays are starting to take shape for Winter 18/19; at DZD we work with hundreds of retailers and visual merchandisers each year to help them create and strengthen their branding. Whether it’s a traditional cosy Christmas, or something more eclectic – we’re here to help you see your vision come to life. From trees to lights, snowflakes to baubles and plenty of glitter to finish of your festive display – we’re ready for the most magical time of the year! Get in touch via sales@dzd.co.uk to see how we can help you get ready too!