Palms, Bamboo & Plants

Artificial palm trees, leaves and branches give a tropical feel to any display. Easily add lush foliage with these hyper-realistic garlands and greenery. Go big with impressive 270cm palm trees, or add finishing touches with Philodendron branches. Get the exotic summer look today.

Areca Palm Tree - 210cm
From £79.00

This tall artificial palm tree would make a real statement in a summer fashion window or for an event

Aloe Plant
From £13.75

Large realistic succulent plant with spiky leaves

Artificial Olive Spray
From £7.95

Imitation olive spray with leaves and fruit

Areca Palm Tree - 270cm
From £105.00

This extra tall artificial palm tree would make a real statement in a summer fashion window or for an event

Onion Grass Spray
From £9.00

These bunches of upright grass have delicate seed head details, they look great in beach displays

Artificial Olive Tree
From £28.50

Imitation olive tree with fruit and leaves

Giant Oil Palm Branch
From £34.00

These realistic artificial giant palm leaves are ideal for creating your own tree or a beach bar scene

Split Philodendron Garland
From £26.50

A lush, deep green tropical leaf garland, perfect for summer fashion displays

Arrtificial Hosta Plant
From £11.00

Realistic artificial Hosta plant with white tipped glossy green leaves

From £19.70

Bring a touch of the mediterranean to your displays with these artificial bougainvillea flowers

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Faux Bamboo Pole - Green
From £12.50

These realistic green artificial bamboo poles give excellent vertical stress to a display as well as adding a touch of the tropics

Gold Display Palm Leaf
From £6.00

Golden metallic display palm leaf with a silver reverse

Gold Display Monstera Leaf
From £6.00

Golden metallic display monstera leaf with a silver reverse

Gold Display Banana Leaf
From £8.00

Shiny gold display banana leaves

Split Philodendron Garland
From £41.50

Split philodendron garland with realistic leaves

Split Philodendron Branch
From £6.50

A realistic split philodendron leaf branch

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Split Philodendron Leaf
From £7.85

A lifelike spilt philodendron leaf on stem

Areca Palm Leaf
From £6.65

These realistic imitation palm leaves are great for summer fashion windows and displays

Areca Palm
From £118.95

These big, realistic, artificial palm trees make a great feature piece for summer fashion or holiday windows

Barrel Cactus
From £16.50

Realistic artificial cactus plant great for summer fashion or holiday windows and displays

Bamboo Branch With Leaves
From £9.90

These realistic artificial bamboo poles have delicate green leaves and add an oriental feel

Autumn Fern
From £18.00

This imitation fern in autumnal shades of brown and orange will bring gorgeous fall colour to your autumn displays and windows