Vines & Ivy

Browse our range of artificial ivy and vines. If you're looking for fake ivy or artificial ivy leaves, then we've got just the product for you. Available in many different formats from vine branches to faux ivy garlands. Choose these products to give a covering of vibrant green foliage to any jungle or tropical scene.

Giant Vine Garland
From £23.50

Extra long vine leaf garlands with big green glossy leaves perfect for summer and holiday displays

Ivy Garland - Variegated
From £8.00

Green and cream artificial variegated ivy garland with large fabric leaves

Ivy Garland
From £14.95

Realistic looking artificial ivy garland

Split Philodendron Leaf
From £7.85

A lifelike spilt philodendron leaf on stem

Ivy Leaves Confetti
From £9.00

Small fabric ivy leaves perfect scattered on tables or strewn around displays

Giant Pothos Garland
From £23.50

Extra long tropical leaf garlands with big glossy leaves perfect for holiday displays and floral arrangements

Split Philodendron Garland
From £41.50

Split philodendron garland with realistic leaves

Split Philodendron Branch
From £6.50

A realistic split philodendron leaf branch

Split Philodendron Garland
From £26.50

A lush, deep green tropical leaf garland, perfect for summer fashion displays

Giant Ivy Garland - Variegated
From £20.50

Extra long ivy garlands have big variegated green and cream glossy leaves, perfect for Christmas displays and floral arrangements

Giant Ivy Garland
From £20.50

Extra long ivy garlands have big deep green glossy leaves, perfect for Christmas displays and floral arrangements

Blossom & Ivy Garland - White
From £20.50

Pretty garlands of artificial green ivy and white apple blossom, great in bridal displays