Elements Icicle Lights

Elements Icicle Lights

£19.99 ex VAT
£23.99 inc VAT
Product Ref: HRICICLE3100MCGC

100 bulbs - 3m


These Icicle lights on a clear cable give the appearance of real icicles and will blend into the background during the day, whilst sparkling wonderfully after dark.

With simple push-in connectors, the cables are lightweight and easy to install. Each set is 3m wide and can be connected together to form longer lengths of up to 30m.

Additional extension cables are sold separately to allow you further distances from your plug to the installation. These lights can be connected to the other Home Range curtain and fairy lights for a dazzling display.

  • Each set is 3m wide and has a maximum drop of 50cm.
  • 100 LEDs per set - connectable up to 10 sets (30m) from one plug
  • Set includes in-plug transformer, 5m wire from plug to first bulb plus selected set of lights