Pro Series Outdoor Curtain Lights - Static Ice White On White Cable

Pro Series Outdoor Curtain Lights - Static Ice White On White Cable

£95.83 ex VAT
£114.99 inc VAT
Product Ref: CLO22400IWWCTO


Hardwearing and long lasting, they are perfect for use as outdoor Christmas lights but also for using as garden party lights or event and wedding lighting. They have a top cable of 20 sockets from which 20 strings of fairy lights are attached vertically. Produced in 2m wide sets they can be connected together up to a maximum of 5,000 bulbs which can be run from one UK standard 5amp power socket.

LED lights are also great for commercial installations as they give off large amounts of lights while only needing one power supply. Many hotels, restaurants and shopping centre’s use Xmas Direct lights in their Christmas displays to great effect.  They have also proved to be very popular for celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Diwali. Curtain lights are also a great option for lighting large outdoor Christmas trees and hedges during the festive season.

  • Waterproof robust LEDs for outdoor use on tough rubberized cable
  • 2m widths,10cm distance between bulbs. Connectable top cables join to form wider spans, up to 2000 LED bulbs from one plug
  • Our TOP5, TOP10 and TOP20 products allow you to choose the number of sockets per 2m width