John Lewis Partnership, Celebration

John Lewis Partnership Celebration A riot of celebratory colour
Create a range of bespoke decorative elements for both windows and in-store

Design and Manufacture

We were provided with a complete design brief for this project. The colour palette was a striking one... comprising red, orange, lime and pearl.

One of the elements was a long string of baubles widely spaced, so we developed a new bauble style... a plain round ball with a flush fitting cap top and bottom. The cap had a hole though the centre so that nylon  could be threaded through and tied off. The effect was of balls hanging freely... perfect.

The same baubles were also used on rods to go across walkways and aisles.

The same colour palette was used for baubles on the trees, half baubles for floors and tabletops, stacks of gift boxes, and ribbons to hang with the bauble garlands.

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John Lewis Partnership Celebration - Small Image 1
John Lewis Partnership Celebration - Small Image 2
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