Fortnum & Mason, The Art of Christmas

Fortnum & Mason The Art of Christmas Woodland chandelier
To interpret the theme being used in the window displays and create a show stopping feature in the Atrium. It had to be striking on each floor as well as from above and below.

Consultancy & Design:

Mood images and concepts were supplied by Paul Symes and Sallie Smith at Fortnum & Mason. Marc Pollington - DZD Head of Design devised the concept, prepared visuals and worked with the DZD Bespoke team to create a mock up of the design.

Sourcing & Manufacture:

The entire installation was in three sections, each one an individual chandelier. The main framework of the scheme was our stock sable fir wreaths which were connected with catenary wire. Most of the decoration was from DZD's stock range but there were a selection of bespoke lacquered fruit made exclusively for Fortnums.

Delivery & Installation:

The three chandeliers were delivered constructed but not decorated.

Each chandelier was dressed, on site, with glittered ivy garlands, white LEDs, candle lights, faux feathers, imitation pheasants and owls all from DZD's stock range. We made bespoke lacquered apples and pears. Contorted willow branches gave it a wild, natural look which was a key feature.

Once each one was dressed it was winched up and the next one connected underneath and the process repeated.

The scheme was installed over one night so that when the store opened, the next day, it appeared that the chandeliers had been just dropped in.


Winner of Most Outstanding Feature - VM&D Awards

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Paul Symes, Fortnum & Mason Visual Presentation Manager
"This year the theme is traditional with a twist of the extraordinary."
Paul Symes, Fortnum & Mason Visual Presentation Manager
"DZD did an amazing job in interpreting the theme."
Fortnum & Mason The Art of Christmas - Small Image 1
Fortnum & Mason The Art of Christmas - Small Image 2
It was such a thrill that our second atrium installation for Fortnum & Mason was also an award winner for Paul
Marc Pollington, DZD Head of Design
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