Crew Clothing Co, Silver

Crew Clothing Co Silver Silver and clear baubles with foil fold out balls
Crew clothing wanted us to supply a wide range of silver decorations for their windows and store interiors

Source, collate and supply:

The look that VM Coordinator Faye Williams was going for involved clusters of baubles, honeycomb foil balls and clear clip together baubles with glitter inside.

We manufactured nearly 19,000 baubles for them and they were packed in sets for individual delivery to each store.

We also sourced silver glitter paper and metallic foil paper for floor panels and wrapping gift boxes.

The silver baubles were also used in-store on Christmas trees and in polished silver nautical paraphernalia.


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Faye Williams , VM Creative Coordinator
"The job was handled professionally."
Faye Williams , VM Creative Coordinator
"It was great fun working with the DZD team."
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Crew Clothing Co Silver - Small Image 2
We were so pleased that they loved their silver balls!
Laura Quinlan, Bespoke Sales Manager - DZD
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