Argos, Santa, Rudloph and gifts

Argos Santa, Rudloph and gifts Three dimensional cartoons made from EVA
Produce 3D hanging decorations to reflect the marketing campaign

The marketing material had cartoon imagery and we reproduced it in thick EVA dyed to match Pantone© colours. The design was made up by layering the different colours, giving depth to the image.

As the material was dyed throughout there were none of the white edges that you would get with print.

There were three icons used in the scheme: Santa, Rudolph and a group of gifts. These were simply hung with jet wires to highlight specific areas around the store.

The parcel group for instance was hung next to signage in the jewellery department.

All the images were double sided so they could be hung in open spaces, rather than just against walls.

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Argos Santa, Rudloph and gifts - Small Image 1
Argos Santa, Rudloph and gifts - Small Image 2
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