Chatila, Illumination

Chatila Illumination Silver birch branches with ice white lights
Create a Christmas scheme that was elegant, classic and suitable for this Bond Street jewellery store.

Design and Installation

With his background in the jewellery sector Marc Pollington was in his element with this project.

Watches and jewellery are, by their very nature, small, shiny and very expensive. In order not to detract from the beauty of the merchandise we designed a scheme that framed the window showcases.

Bundles of white painted birch twigs were carefully trimmed to the right sizes and set into florists foam at the bottoms of the windows. The foam was covered with imitation snow and several sets of connectable ice white lights were trailed and woven through the twigs.

Inside the store, by the entrance, two huge vases were filled with bigger birch branches and decorated with champagne and gold baubles and more lights.

The overall effect was really striking in the evening when the lights sparkled like diamonds.

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Paul Keen, Chatila
"We all like it!"
Chatila Illumination - Small Image 1
Chatila Illumination - Small Image 2
This installation was technically complex with the limited space, but the finished effect made it well worth the effort involved.
Marc Pollington, Head of Design, DZD
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