Argos, Get Set for Christmas

Argos Get Set for Christmas A splash of colour
Interpret printed advertising and POS material into striking 3D

Consultancy & Design

The theme of Argos's marketing was "Get set for Christmas", but rather than using printed banners they wanted more impactful three dimensional POS material. Argos had already designed their advertising campaign and we interpreted it in 3D.

Sourcing & Manufacture

We developed a design based on an advent calendar made from thick EVA dyed in bright colours and coated in fine, colour matched glitter with white numerals and lettering.

Delivery & Installation

The scheme had to be easy to deliver and install. To make it simple each component was separate with hook and loop fastenings to connect them together. A layout plan was supplied with each set, making it straightforward for the in-store teams to press togther and hang up in key positions.

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Argos Get Set for Christmas - Small Image 1
Argos Get Set for Christmas - Small Image 2
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