Testimonials - Clothing Retailers

TM Lewin

"I have worked with DZD for 20 years, I have found them to be professional, creative, helpful and always on time and to budget, When a supplier delivers on what they promise, time after time after time, it gives you great confidence to continue to use them. From creative meetings to end use, I have found them to be a fantastic partner to my Visual merchandising needs, whoever I am working for."

Glenn FoleyHead of Visual Merchandisingwww.dzd.co.uk/case-studies/tm-lewin
M&Co - Stars Christmas Window

"Thank you for the huge part you played in making our Christmas windows a success. Feedback from both customers and staff has been excellent. In our traditional market towns the M&Co windows are by far the best on the high street and even in our more competitive locations I have to say with more than a little confidence we look amazing. The stars are very much loved by the owner, board, staff and of course the team and they have answered the "wow" factor we sought."

Jacqueline Albertson Head of Visual Merchandising