Tools & Essentials

Cable Ties - White
From £2.50

An absolute display essential, these white cable ties are strong and easy to use

Nylon Thread
From £2.50

An absolute display essential, our nylon thread comes in three breaking strains on either 200m or 1000m rolls

Magnetic Hooks
From £1.50

White painted metal magnetic hooks

Suspension Wires
From £5.00

These double ended galvanised metal hooks in a choice of 8 lengths are a display essential

Rapid No 13 Fineline Staples
From £4.75

Rapid N°13 Fine wire galvanised staples available in 5 leg lengths

Jet Wires
From £4.25

Double ended sprung hooks that stretch to fit, simply pull to required length and it stays

Bauble Hangers - 6cm
From £0.60

Green wire hooks for quickly hanging all your Christmas tree decorations and ornaments

Ceiling Hooks
From £6.75

Self adhesive white plastic hooks, ideal for quickly hanging things from ceilings

36mm Silver Pins
From £4.50

These silver finish mild steel pins are an absolute essential

Measuring Tape
From £7.00

Metal measuring tape in a brightly coloured plastic case with locking button and belt clip

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Claw Hammer
From £9.50

Get it nailed with this hammer with its bright easy find handle

Flamebar N5
From £17.50

Flame retardant spray for wood and wood products