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Derry and Strabane City Council

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Bringing festive cheer to Derry and Strabane


We’ve worked with Derry council a number of times in recent years and they got in touch again in 2020, on a mission to add some much need festive cheer and brighten up the city for the coming Christmas season.

Process and products used

We worked with the city council’s parameters for the type of lighting required and provided thousands of meters of low voltage string lights, which were the wrapped around trees in the city centre to great effect – with 4000 LEDs used per tree!

We also supplied curtain lights in a bespoke length of 1m x 30m to be installed to run vertically, creating a canopy of light over the city centre roads.


Derry council were pleased to report positive feedback from their residents and were very happy with their seasonal light display.

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