At DZD we believe Christmas shouldn’t cost the earth. We’re not perfect, but we’re making big strides to minimise our environmental impact.

The key points of our strategy are:

• Striving to improve long term sustainability
• Increasing our range of sustainably produced products
• Sourcing our products as close to the UK as possible
• Reusing or repurposing packaging
• Producing products which will last
• Working with suppliers who share our goal


Greenery and Trees – The majority of our trees and garlands include recyclate materials. Waste plastic bottles, packaging and bags are shredded, melted and formed into a film from which the branch tips are created. This is all done in a factory located in Europe, predominantly powered by solar energy.

Ribbon – Our core offering of satin acetate ribbon is produced entirely from sustainably sourced wood. Our range also includes woven ribbon manufactured in Europe from ‘sea retrieved’ plastic bottles.

Baubles and decorations – A limited but ever expanding range of baubles made from recyclate material, plus a range of wood pulp tinsel and other decorations.
Lights – Leds use minimal power and by manufacturing them to the highest standard, our lights should last for many years.


We reuse packaging wherever possible. Boxes which cannot be reused are shredded and used as protective box filler instead of bubble wrap to ensure your goods are not damaged in transit. We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that boxes used for shipping are the correct size – ensuring no wasted cardboard or container space.


Our products are designed to last. We do not believe in the throw away culture and by working closely with the same suppliers for the last 20 years, we believe that we are producing the highest quality possible which should last for many years.

Supply chain

We only work with suppliers who provide fair employment conditions and ensure health and safety in the workplace is paramount. All of our factories are subject to rigorous and regular inspections which cover Health and Safety, Child labour, and Employee conditions.

DZD Directors visit the factories on a regular basis to inspect both products and factory conditions.