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Hamley’s Christmas Candy Canes and Gingerbread

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Traditional, multicoloured and fun


Supply & install Christmas on every floor of Hamleys Regent Street store

Colin Morrisey, Creative Director at Hamleys, had a very clear vision of what he wanted to create. It was to be filled with candy canes, sweets and gingerbread men, Christmas trees and multicoloured lights. A traditional fun-filled Christmas wonderland spread over 6 floors. And that is what we gave him…

The ground floor dome had a central hanging Christmas tree attached to a a rotator and surrounded with decorated garlands, holly and multicoloured giant festoon lights. The atrium on the 5th floor had a rotating carousel of Christmas trees and garlands. All the walkways and till points were decorated with dressed garlands on bespoke hanging poles.

The trees and garlands were dressed at our new South Bemondsey location using our own products; shiny baubles in purple, red, gold and turquoise; candy canes and gingerbread men; red and white glitter striped baubles and sweets and multicoloured traditional look chasing LED fairy lights. These were all packed and collated by floor and delivered to Hamleys.

We were there for 5 nights running the installation, floor by floor, and we think that the final result speaks for itself.

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