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Eye catching ribbon display


The team at Conran came to us with an innovative design concept for international rollout of a walk-through, immersive display using materials hung in varying lengths – which immediately captured our interest.

Process and products used

We sourced a wide variety of options and then worked closely with the Conran design team to a test a number of materials for suitability – eventually landing on a woven red ribbon.

Sustainability was at the heart of the Conran concept and the chosen material was an innovative ribbon made entirely from materials recycled from Mediterranean waters.

In the end we supplied a whopping 165,000m of recycled ribbon – which incidentally would have perfectly covered the distance from London to Birmingham if laid out!


The finished effect of the hanging ribbon was truly show-stopping and we were very pleased with the feedback from Conran on the success of the scheme.

And we loved seeing it pop up on Instagram regularly throughout the Christmas season!

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