Say it with flowers this Spring

We take a look at some of the most creative ways to use flowers in your display!

Nothing says goodbye to the cold, dark days of winter quite like a beautiful, vibrant flower – and now that spring is finally here we’re loving the use of flowers in displays everywhere! While flowers are a fairly universal fixture in the display world each time a new spring / summer season comes around, there are endless unique and eye-catching ways to incorporate flowers and foliage into your display – making sure yours stands out from the crowd!

We absolutely love the idea of bringing flowers from the interior to the exterior, as created by By Appointment Only Design. The seamless transition through the glass window breathes life into the building and creates an interactive display for both consumers who have already entered the premises and passers-by.

Another great way to bring the outside in, is by creating a living wall of plants or foliage. We’ve helped to create living walls in a number of settings, but if you don’t have a wall to spare or are looking for something a little different – why not install flowers in the ceiling instead? This gorgeous little café makes great use of their limited space to create a visually stunning display that attracts visitors while maintaining full functionality of the area.

Stepping away from the more lifelike side of floral displays, oversized flowers can also be used to great effect. Elegant and delicate, these beautiful paper blooms perfectly create the desired effect in the windows of Guerlain, Paris. With over 2000 handcrafted flowers installed in the iconic boutique, a bespoke project of this scale is quite the undertaking, but the end result is truly head-turning!

From dahlias to zinnia, lavender to philodendron and many more, we’ve got a gorgeous and varied selection of flowers and foliage ready for your displays in spring/summer 2019. And if it’s something a little more unusual you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your bespoke requirements. We’re here to turn your ideas into a finished creation to be proud of!