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Lighting hire now available at DZD

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Get in touch for some short-term sparkle!

Lighting has long since been a staple of the display and visual merchandising world, and at DZD we’re very pleased to have an expansive range of lighting available to meet all your design needs. From film shoots to festive installations, shop windows to corporate events – there are very few occasions when a little added sparkle isn’t a welcome addition!

But did you know – in addition to being able to purchase lights quickly and easily online, our high-quality commercial grade lights are also available to hire!

If you’re looking to enjoy the lights for longer than a week or two, or if you think you’ll have the opportunity to reuse them time and time again, then we would usually advise you to purchase the lights. Our robust rubber-cabled Pro Series lights are engineered to provide you with years of use and so investing is always a good idea! However, we understand that this is not always the case and budgeting for lighting for a one-off event or TV shoot can sometimes seem like an inefficient endeavour. In situations like these, hiring lighting can be the perfect solution!

We have large quantities of both outdoor and indoor string lights available to hire, and our gorgeous LED festoons in both black and white cable. We also have a wide range of curtain lights available for hire, perfect for glamorous backdrops or eye-catching entrances. For sites without mains electrical supplies we can even hire our festoon lights complete with connectors to fit directly onto a leisure battery – all you need is a 12v battery and you’re set for hours of lighting, no matter how remote the location!

Hiring lighting can have a positive impact on your budget while also, happily, reducing the amount of waste produced if the lights would not be reused. Our sales team are ready to chat through your lighting requirements, helping you find the best solution for you – both economically and ecologically. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime to set up your light hire order!